is a team of individuals united by their archaeological work and research. We are driven by curiosity for the past. We know that since we depend on material remains left by people long ago, gaining meaningful knowledge about them can be an arduous task. This is why we think that it is best to describe past realities based on largest possible data sets. Varied sources of data unlock multiple paths of archaeological investigation. We try to position ourselves at the intersection of different scientific disciplines, in order to follow as many paths and use as many sources as possible.

We emphasise the benefits of promoting comprehensive fieldwork and research, as well as protecting the archaeological heritage. The need for education in this respect is ever present; therefore we want to propagate the right attitudes by means of advice, workshops, seminars and publications.

In order to enable us to pursue the aims stated in its statute, our Foundation engages in for-profit activities. Our services include non-invasive prospection, excavations and digital documentation, as well as a broad spectrum of specialist analyses: physical anthropology, lithic technology and use-wear, ceramic studies and geoarchaeology.

About us

We form a harmonious group of researchers. We have been working together for years and are open to cooperate with others. Our shared vision and understanding of our place in the discipline motivated us to rally under a common banner: Foundation. Archaeology is for us a constant source of adventures and great fun, which of course does not mean that we do not treat it with full seriousness.

Our aims

Long story short – we expect more. A new quality, based on common sense. Maximum of data with minimal destruction. We aim for interdisciplinary research, using a wide scope of data and cooperating with other scientists. We love challenges and innovations and treat technology as a most useful (though sometimes obstinate) ally.

Our work

We work a lot and we like it that way. We are interested in varied approaches and methods to learn more details about the past: landscape and environmental archaeology, micromorphology and soil science, geophysics and aerial photography, traceology and experimental archaeology, IT and mathematics. In our project, we try to combine these in manifold ways and configurations.

Where do we work?

As a group – mostly in Poland. As individuals – often abroad, too. Members of our Foundation participated (and participate) in projects carried out in Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Sudan or French Guiana.

Feel free to cooperate with us!